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Regi Dean's Recipes is a program to store, search, print. and exchange recipes
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This is simply program free of charge and definitely hard to avoid! People who love to cook have to have it. Regi Deans Recipes Software is a program where you can find, print or either contribute with any kind of recipe. These recipes are arranged by category this program is free of charge but with the option to download by the internet new recipes in a minute. The developer allows you to use this program to store, edit, print and share your recipes. Regi Dean Recipes provides a powerful editor to format, save and print your recipes you can change font attributes, set margins, add graphics, insert date and time, save your recipes to a text file format or to a formatted rich text format file. Later, if you have the need you can also modified your ingredients or recipe procedure anytime. Now if you need to create and save recipe ingredients to a shopping list? This software definitely will help you. You can edit the list directly from the View screen. It is amazing the things you can do with this precious treasure cook book. I really appreciate how easy this program works and also how powerful is! Try it and you will be convincing of it! The main site has also another kind of software to share and also some of them are completely free, take a look and enjoy its features.

Elsa Flores Ahedo
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